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The new bestseller that shows why everything we thought we knew about history was wrong.

Most history is hierarchical: it's about popes, presidents, and prime ministers. But what if that's simply because they create the historical archives? What if we are missing equally powerful but less visible networks - leaving them to the conspiracy theorists, with their dreams of all-powerful Illuminati? 

The twenty-first century has been hailed as the Networked Age. But in The Square and the TowerNiall Ferguson argues that social networks are nothing new. From the printers and preachers who made the Reformation to the freemasons who led the American Revolution, it was the networkers who disrupted the old order of popes and kings. Far from being novel, our era is the Second Networked Age, with the computer in the role of the printing press. But networks have a dark side, prone to clustering, contagions, and even outages. And the conflicts of the past already have unnerving parallels today, in the time of Facebook, Islamic State and Trumpworld.

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Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson é um dos historiadores mais reputados da Grã-Bretanha. É professor de História, titular da Cátedra Laurence A. Tisch, na Universidade de Harvard, investigador principal da Hoover Institution, Universidade de Stanford, e professor convidado da Universidade de Tsinghua, em Pequim. Publicou os livros Paper and Iron, The House of Rothschild, Empire, The War of the World, The Ascent of Money, High Financier, Civilization e The Great Degeneration, entre outros.
Também escreveu e apresentou seis séries televisivas, de muito êxito, no Channel Four: Empire, American Colossus, The War of the World, The Ascent of Money, Civilization e China: Triumph and Turmoil. Em 2009, The Ascent of Money ganhou um International Emmy for Best Documentary. Kissinger, um filme de longa-metragem baseado nas suas entrevistas com Henry Kissinger, ganhou o prémio de melhor documentário no New York Film Festival. Entre os seus muitos prémios e distinções contam-se o Benjamin Franklin Prize for Public Service (2010), o Hayek Prize of Lifetime Achievement (2012) e o Ludwig Erhard Prize for Economic Journalism (2013).

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