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In this book, Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa presents 78 absolutely original recipes, always accompanied by the most precious hints and pieces of advice, inviting each reader to a journey into a world of gastronomy with no room for monotony. Secret Ingredient is a celebration of unique aromas that now you can take into your kitchen, and you will be able to transform it into a laboratory of flavours and give an extra splash of colour to your life.

So, what’s the challenge? Break away from your routine and boost your creativity with dishes featuring squash or octopus; Learn that fresh tuna, preserves and carrot have a lot more qualities than you used to think, and they can shine in dishes that will leave you crying for more; Create practical, fast and delicious recipes with tomato, cauliflower or chickpeas to surprise everyone; Cheer up your days with the new flavours that apples, black iberian pork and honey can offer you; Realise that you can create a lot more dishes with coffee and orange than you thought possible.

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Henrique Sá Pessoa

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