A True History of the United States

Azar Nafisi

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Sjursen shifts the lens and challenges readers to think critically and to apply common sense to their understanding of our nation’s past—and present—so we can view history as never before.

A True History of the United States was inspired by a course that Sjursen taught to cadets at West Point, his alma mater. With chapter titles such as “Patriots or Insurgents?” and “The Decade That Roared and Wept”, A True History is accurate with respect to the facts and intellectually honest in its presentation and analysis.

  • Essential reading for every American with a conscience.

  • Meticulously researched, Sjursen provides a more complete sense of history and encourages readers to view our country objectively.

  • Sjursen’s powerful storytelling reveals balanced portraits of key figures and the role they played.

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Azar Nafisi

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