The Concise Economic History of Portugal: A Comprehensive Guide (Nº 13 da Coleção)

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Nuno Valério, Maria Eugénia Mata

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This book was conceived as an introductory university text - one which students having an interest in the economic history of Portugal could turn to for fundamentals as well as direction and bibliography leading towards more advanced investigation. In examining the economic history of Portugal, the very evolution of the country's society is laid bare, offering insight to the economist as well as those whose interests lie in other fields.



1 - Before Portugal (until the 8th century A.D)
2 - The Beginnings of the Portuguese National Society (8th-13th centuries)
3 - The Consolidation of the Portuguese National Society (13th-15th centuries)
4 - Portuguese Expansion (15th-16th centuries)
5 - Portuguese Apogee, Iberian Unification and Separation From The Western Hapsburg Empire (15th-18th centuries)
6 - Portugal in the Euro-Atlantic World-Economy, 1700-1793
7 - The Failure of An Early Take off, 1793-1851
8 - The First Epoch of Growth, 1851-1891
9 - A New Epoch of Stagnation, 1891-1914
10 - The Epoch of Wars and Crises, 1914-1947
11 - The Second Epoch of Growth, 1947-1974
12 - The Last Quarter of the 20th Century and the Early 21st Century

Final Remarks
Statistical Appendix
Cartographic Appendix

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Nuno Valério

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Maria Eugénia Mata

MARIA EUGÉNIA MATA holds the Ph. D. in Economics and is professor at the Faculdade de Economia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

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