On Grand Strategy

John Lewis Gaddis

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John Lewis Gaddis, the distinguished historian of the Cold War, has for almost two decades co-taught grand strategy at Yale University with his colleagues Charles Hill and Paul Kennedy. Now, in On Grand Strategy, Gaddis reflects with insight and wit on what he has learned.

In Chapters extending from the ancient world to the Second World War, Gaddis assesses grand strategic theory and practice in Herodotus, Thucydides, Sun Tzu, Octavian/Augustus, Saint Augustine, Machiavelli, Elizabeth I, Philip II, the American Founding Fathers, Clausewitz, Tolstoy, Lincoln, Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Isaiah Berlin. For anyone involved or interested in the art of leadership, On Grand Strategy is, in every way, a master class.

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John Lewis Gaddis

John Lewis Gaddis, historiador de reputação internacional, a quem o The New York Times chamou «o decano dos historiadores da Guerra Fria», é professor de História na Universidade de Yale e tem várias obras publicadas sobre o tema. Pertence ao conselho consultivo do Cold War International History Project e foi consultor no documentário da CNN, Guerra Fria.
Professor na Universidade de Yale, é autor de inúmeros livros, entre os quais A Guerra Fria e George F. Kennan: An Americam Life, que lhe valeu o Prémio Pulitzer. 

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