Moneyland : Why Thieves And Crooks Now Rule The World And How To Take It Back

Oliver Bullough

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'You cannot understand power, wealth and poverty without knowing about Moneyland.'

Simon Kuper, New Statesman

2019: democracy is eating itself, inequality is skyrocketing, the system is breaking apart. Why?

Because in 1962, some bankers in London had an idea that changed the world. That idea was called 'offshore'. It meant that, for the first time, thieves could dream big. They could take everything.

Join investigative journalist Oliver Bullough on a journey into the hidden world of the new global kleptocrats.

See the poor countries where public money is stolen and the rich ones where it is laundered and invested. Watch the crooks at work and at play, and meet their respectable, white-collar enablers. Learn how the new system works and begin to see how we can tackle it.

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Oliver Bullough

Oliver Bullough cresceu no País de Gales, estudou História Contemporânea em Oxford e mudou-se para São Petersburgo em 1999, onde trabalhou como correspondente da Reuters. Desde que regressou ao Reino Unido, em 2006, escreveu vários livros, entre os quais O País do Dinheiro (publicado pela Vogais), que foi considerado livro do ano pelos jornais The Sunday Times, The Economist, The Times e Daily Mail, tendo feito igualmente parte da shortlist do Prémio Orwell 2019. O Mordomo do Mundo foi considerado o livro de negócios do ano pelos jornais The Times, The Sunday Times e muitos outros."

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