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Message ("Mensagem") was the only book of verse in his own language that Pessoa saw through the press in his lifetime. On the face of it, a patriotic sequence steeped in 'Sebastianismo', the poems offer much more than this, the Kings and navigators of the Portugal´s history standing as avatars of the poet´s self, their explorations and heroic deeds projections of the poet´s inner creative life. Although Pessoa is famous for the many heteronyms under which he composed verse in wildly different styles, this volume was published under his own name - the 'orthonym', as he defined it - and it remains one of his great masterpieces. This edition brings Jonathn Griffin´s fine translation (originally published by the Menard Press in 1992) back into print, as part of Shearsman´s Pessoa edition.

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Fernando Pessoa

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