Human Affairs - Evolution & Behaviour – Selected Papers

Paulo Finuras

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If you want to know what Darwin never said; why we have loss aversion feelings; whether we can smell fear; why we love conspiracy theories; the true reason for the presence of such beautiful women in automobile exhibitions; why it is so hard to act on what is going to happen; why there are more male than female writers, and why there are (much) more male than female criminals, or even why men dominate leadership and power positions; where cultures came from and, for the same reason, why there are so many cultures, then this book is for you!

A most enjoyable book – and solidly based on evolutionary logic. Concise. Simple. Well organized. Wide ranging. And often deep. 

In short a book well worth a couple days of your life.

Robert Trivers

Evolutionary Biologist 

Crafoord Prize Laureate in Biosciences (2007)

Author of Deceit & Self Deception – Fooling yourself the better to fool others

One of the great contributions of this book is that – to paraphrase the great psychologist William James – it makes the familiar look strange and the strange look familiar. By viewing contemporary themes, such as gender equality, culture, corruption, and the pandemic through an evolutionary lens Paulo Finuras’ new book is bold and beautiful. Recommended reading for everyone interested in where we came from and where we are going now.

Mark Van Vugt

Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, Work & Organizational Psychology at Amsterdam University – Associate Researcher of Oxford University

Author of Lucy, Darwin and Lady Gaga

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Paulo Finuras

Doutor em Ciência Política (UL), sociólogo (Iscte-IUL) e professor associado convidado no ISG – Business & Economics School de Lisboa. Em termos académicos e profissionais, tem-se dedicado ao estudo da evolução e comportamento humano e da sociobiologia. Neste domínio, é autor dos livros: Primatas Culturais: Evolução e Natureza Humana (2015), Bioliderança: porque seguimos quem seguimos? (2018), Da Natureza das Causas – Psicologia Evolucionista e Biopolítica (2020) e Human Affairs – Evolution & Behaviour (2021), todos publicados pela Sílabo.

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