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Although Woody Allen is best known for his cult movies, he is also a writer of outstanding wit and skill. Dip into this collection of fifty-two pieces for hilarity, deadpan weirdness, and some extremely outlandish ideas. Do you want to hear about the time Hitler went for a haircut? Or why Woody reveres Socrates? Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the Impressionists had actually been dentists? You can learn much about history - the piece on the invention of sandwiches is eye-opening - or modern life in this laugh-out-loud collection of thoughts, observations, diaries and stories from one of the most original minds and wonderfully comic voices of our time. 'It's no secret that Allen's short stories are just as entertaining and accomplished as his films ...Allen's witty stories satirise contemporary society and classic modern literature in a style that is characteristically breathless, off the cuff and brilliant'. Observer

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Woody Allen

Woody Allen é argumentista, realizador e ator. Stand-up comedian, tem também vasta obra publicada em livro. Vive em Manhattan, no Upper East Side, com a mulher, Soon-Yi, e as duas filhas de ambos, Manzie e Bechet. Apaixonado pelo jazz e entusiasta do desporto. Nas suas próprias palavras, lamenta nunca ter feito um grande filme, embora afirme que ainda está a tentar.

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