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The classic on the universal laws of business success, completely revised and updated for today's leaders

Completely rewritten for today’s business world, What the CEO Wants You to Know, expanded and updated, written by bestselling author Ram Charan, describes the fundamentals behind every business, from street vendors in Mumbai, to Fortune 500 companies. Drawing on stories from Uber, Amazon, Apple, Toyota, Netflix, Lyft, The Limited, Walmart, GE and Starbucks, Charan, in the most accessible language imaginable, explains the ins and outs of how companies work, from gross revenue and operating costs, to inventory and cash flow, from turnover, profits and margins, to return on capital and accounts payable and receivable, from product quality to sales. A classic in the business literature, with hundreds of thousands of copies in print, this short and engaging book is like a miniature MBA course between covers.

For everyone who wants to master and understand the levers that drive a successful business, What the CEO Wants You to Know is the perfect answer.

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Ram Charan

Consultor e conferencista muito solicitado, famoso entre os executivos de topo pela sua habilidade singular para resolver os problemas mais difíceis. Durante mais de 35 anos, Ram Charan trabalhou nos bastidores com os diretores executivos de algumas das melhores empresas do mundo, dando conselhos práticos e relevantes que levam em conta as complexidades reais do mundo empresarial. É também coautor de Execution; The Game-Changer e Confronting Reality; e autor de What the CEO Wants you to Know, Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty, bem como Know-How e O Que Querem os Clientes, estes dois últimos publicados pela Actual.

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