The Price of Inequality

Joseph E. Stiglitz

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Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz explains why we are experiencing such destructively high levels of inequality - and why this is not inevitable.

The social impact of inequality is now increasingly understood - higher crime, health problems and mental illness, lower educational achievements and life expectancy. But what are the causes of inequality, why is it growing so rapidly and what are its economic and political impacts? In this exceptional book Joseph Stiglitz gives the answers.

He shows how, left to their own devices, markets are neither efficient nor stable and tend to accumulate money in the hands of the few rather than engender competition, producing slower growth and lower GDP. He also demonstrates how political institutions, far from countering these trends, often enhance them. Arguing that 'another world is possible', The Price of Inequality provides a powerful, vital critique of free-market ideas.

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Joseph E. Stiglitz

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