The (Non) Competitiveness of The European Union - Facts, Causes and Solutions

Jorge Vasconcellos e Sá

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Why is the European GDP per capita only 34/ of the USA’s?
And the productivity per hour 13% below?
And the productivity per person 22% below?
And the rate of unemployment almost the double of the USA’s?

“Inspiring and eye-opening. Outstanding”. Marc Wagener (Director, Idea Foundation/Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg)

“Engaging, erudite, witty and to the point. It brings abstract concepts of business and the economy to life”. Fredrik Erixon (President of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels)

This book focus on the European economy. Not on its political aspects. And it states facts, shying away from judgments and opinions.

I. Facts are our friends
II. The gap: EU15-USA difference in GDP per capita
III. The immediate causes
IV. The initial causes (and solutions)
V. Why the world needs a stronger European economy

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Jorge Vasconcellos e Sá

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