On Tyranny Graphic Edition: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

Timothy Snyder

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Timothy Snyder’s New York Times bestseller On Tyranny uses the darkest moments in twentieth-century history, from Nazism to Communism, to teach twenty lessons on resisting modern-day authoritarianism. Among the twenty include a warning to be aware of how symbols used today could affect tomorrow (“4: Take responsibility for the face of the world”), an urgent reminder to research everything for yourself and to the fullest extent (“11: Investigate”), a point to use personalized and individualized speech rather than clichéd phrases for the sake of mass appeal (“9: Be kind to our language”), and more.

In this graphic edition, Nora Krug draws from her highly inventive art style in Belonging—at once a graphic memoir, collage-style scrapbook, historical narrative, and trove of memories—to breathe new life, color, and power into Snyder’s riveting historical references, turning a quick-read pocket guide of lessons into a visually striking rumination. In a time of great uncertainty and instability, this edition of On Tyranny emphasizes the importance of being active, conscious, and deliberate participants in resistance.

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Timothy Snyder

Professor de História na Universidade de Yale e Membro Permanente do Instituto de Ciências Humanas em Viena. Os seus livros foram traduzidos para mais de quarenta línguas. Recebeu, entre outras distinções, o Prémio Hannah Arendt, o Prémio Leipzig Book, o Prémio Literatura da American Academy of Arts and Letters, o prémio do Dutch Auschwitz Committee e a Medalha do Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. O seu trabalho inspirou quadros, posters, esculturas, peças de teatro, filmes, músicas de punk rock, rap e óperas. As suas palavras são citadas em todo o mundo em manifestações em defesa da liberdade. 

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