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Now in its sixth edition, Clinical Neurology continues to provide the comprehensive overview of basic and clinical neurology that physicians and students have relied on for years. Information is thoroughly updated and presented within the framework of problems encountered in the clinical setting.


Chapter 1: Disorders of Cognitive Function
Chapter 2: Headache & Facial Pain
Chapter 3: Disorders of Equilibrium
Chapter 4: Disturbances of Vision
Chapter 5: Motor Deficits
Chapter 6: Disorders of Somatic Sensation
Chapter 7: Movement Disorders
Chapter 8: Seizures & Syncope
Chapter 9: Stroke
Chapter 10: Coma
Chapter 11: Neurologic Investigations

A: The Neurologic Examination
B: A Brief Examination of the Nervous System
C: Clinical Examination of Common Isolated Peripheral Nerve Disorders

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Michael J. Aminoff

Professor and Executive Vice-Chair Department of Neurology School of Medicine University of California, San Francisco

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Roger P. Simon

Robert Stone Dow Chair of Neurology Director of Neurobiology Research Legacy Health Systems Portland, Oregon

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David A. Greenberg

Professor and Vice-President for Special Research Programs Buck Institute for Age Research Novato, California

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