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Detalhes do Produto

  • Editora: Thieme
  • Tema: Neurologia
  • Ano: 2004
  • ISBN: 9783131309310
  • Número de páginas: 440
  • Capa: Brochada


The nervous system and the musculature are affected in almost all diseases; accurately diagnosing neurologic disease is an ongoing challenge in daily practice. This exquisitely illustrated atlas tackles neurology's most difficult concepts and clarifies them using 200 beautiful and meticulously labeled drawings. Succinct yet thorough, this up-to-date guidebook is an easy-to-understand aid for the clinical recognition and diagnosis of neurologic diseases.

Key features:

• Fundamentals of the anatomic and functional structure of the nervous system and musculature
• Characteristic neurologic deficits (symptoms and syndromes) are placed in the context of specifically affected parts of the neuromuscular system
• Neurologic disease patterns, with their causes, symptoms, findings, differential diagnoses, and guidelines for therapy
• Lucid text placed opposite lavish illustrations enhances the book's didactic utility
• A comprehensive section of tables provides an excellent and practical overview of the most important facts needed in the clinic

Color Atlas of Neurology spans a wide scope of subject matter, ranging from basic anatomy and physiology, to detailed coverage of cerebral and spinal disorders, to diagnostic evaluation.
Medical students and residents will be amazed at the sophisticated density of this dynamic visual aid. It is also a concise reference for neurologists, neuro-surgeons, and primary care practitioners who confront neurologic issues in their daily practice.

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Reinhard Rohkamm

Director of the Neurological Clinic at Sanderbusch Hospital in Germany

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