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Set a new standard of excellence by adding the Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology to your reference collection. The most complete, authoritative dictionary of science available, this single-source reference features

• Approximately 124,000 fully defined entries, not counting abbreviations—the largest range of vocabulary ever compiled in a science dictionary.
• Complete coverage of 124 fields of science and technology, including Computer Science, Biotechnology, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Ecology, Behavior, Astronomy, Geology, and more.
• "Windows," boxed essays for each of the 124 fields, offering a brief definition of each área—its meaning, history, and impli-cations—by such prestigious scientists as Michael DeBakey, Stephen Jay Gould, Linus Pauling, Roger Revelle, and Jonas Salk.
• Completely up-to-date definitions in such dynamic fields as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Biotechnology.
• Extensive cross-references throughout to link overlapping or equivalent entries and guide readers to the preferred terms.
• More medical terms overall than any other general scientific dictionary now available.
• More coverage of subfields of medicine, including Oncology, Radiology, Hematology, Cardiology, and Toxicology.
• Pronunciation guides for difficult or phonetically irregular terms.
• Etymologies giving the origin of important scientific terms.
• Definitions that are supplemented by examples of current usage.
• Abbreviations and proper names defined in the body of the text, rather than in an appendix, for easier reference.
• A complete appendix of frequently consulted scientific data, including standard weights and measures and the periodic table.
• A Chronology of Science listing ali important milestones in the history of science from 1400 to the present.
• Nearly 2,000 detailed illustrations and technical photographs, including 24 pages of color plates.
• Definitions reviewed for accuracy by a panei of eminent scientists.
• A single-volume, 8 1/2" x 11", double-column format with boldfaced entries that offer the reader easy access to definitions.
• Lightweight, acid-free paper.

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