A Heroic Victory

José Ruy

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200 years ago, Portugal was coming to terms with the ideals of Freedom and Equality. In 1820, the Liberal Revolution took place, which gave rise to several clashes between those who rallied for freedom and those who advocated for absolutism. Once again, the island of Terceira played a pivotal role in the history of Portugal and both Angra and Praia were largely instrumental in Portugal’s journey towards freedom. José Ruy, whose skill and merit precede him, is the author of this book which provides an account of the prominent part played by Terceira, along with the events and characters that stood out in the first half of the 19th century. The concept behind this book emerged from the Azorean Institute of Culture and we are very proud to be associated with it.

Carlos Bessa

Chairman of the Board of the Azorean Institute of Culture

This book was conceived for comic book fans, including, but not limited to a younger audience, and it evokes memories of a period during which the city of Angra was decisive in shaping the modern era. The ideals underpinning the French Revolution that agitated Europe in the previous decades reverberated in the Azores through the actions of a group of brave liberals who were a true elite in the noblest sense of the word. This group found a bulwark of resistance in Angra, first as a ‘rock of salvation’ and then as a secure base from which the liberal ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity expanded across the islands and throughout the rest of the country. By recalling such times, we bring into center stage one of the most glorious episodes of our history, which earned our city the epithet ‘do Heroísmo’ (Heroic) and it proudly bears that name today.

Guido Teles

Angra do Heroísmo City Councillor

On August 11, 1829, the “Battle of Praia” took place. The liberals, who were stationed on Terceira island, fought off an invasion from the absolutist forces in the bay of Praia. This was a turning point in the history of Portugal as the first steps were taken towards achieving freedom and a broader democracy. Among other things, the liberal victory in the bay of Praia led Vila da Praia to be renamed as Praia da Vitória. This edition is published in the form of a comic book and it tells the history behind the stories of the island of Terceira and as such, it is both an important and creative element through which we can pass on the most relevant facts of our history to our children, grandchildren and future generations.

 Tibério Dinis

Mayor of Praia da Vitória

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José Ruy

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