The Street Beneath My Feet

Charlotte Guillian

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A beautifully illustrated concertina book that takes the reader on a journey underground, all the way down to the core of the Earth and back out the other side. One side begins with an urban setting; the other side ends with a woodland setting.

When you're walking along the city streets there's always so much to see and hear. But do you ever stop and look down? Have you ever wondered what's going on deep in the ground under your feet? What about in the countryside? What goes on underground there?

Starting in the city, take a journey down though the layers of the Earth, all the way to the planet's core and out the other side. There are so many amazing sights to see along the way! With narrative non-fiction spanning natural history, archaeology, and geology, and detailed pictures to explore, this delightfully illustrated concertina book will encourage children to think about the planet they live on.

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Charlotte Guillian

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