Madeira and Porto Santo - Journeys and Stories

Susana Fonseca, Sérgio Fonseca

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«Madeira and Porto Santo - Travels and Tales» condenses the wealth and diversity of a unique tourist destination: the archipelago of Madeira. Whatever the reason for your visit- relaxation, nature, culture, festive events, adventure or hikes along the levadas -, when you leaf through this book you will find descriptions about the places and the experiences that you must not miss. The many photographs are an excellent reason for you to be impressed with the beauty of the sceneries, the picturesque legends and the hospitality of its people.
Browse the pages of this colourful invitation and start preparing your trip or make the memories of your visit live on when you take this book home with you. When you look through it again you will have the opportunity to (re)discover this garden in mid-Atlantic.


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Susana Fonseca

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Sérgio Fonseca

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