Fashion Spaces Geographical, Physical and Virtual

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Isabel Cantista

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As a collective work with diverse and varied contributions, this book is aimed at all those who work in and study the Fashion industry.
One of the most visible and important dimensions of this industry is time, whose rhythm is managed through a continuous succession of collections and proposals. The spatial dimension is also particularly relevant, since the proposals of the fashion market are presented within geographical and virtual spaces.
Within the Fashion industry there are distinct spaces that are considered by the entrepreneur or manager and – based on this reflection – fundamental decisions are then taken about locations within given geographical zones, the creation of new concepts and the layouts of stores, as well as social media visibility.
Finally, the increasingly frequent presence of antennae that are either integrated or in contact with items of clothing brings our attention to the human body as the most important space of fashion and the need for its protection.
This book thus gathers together some reflections on geographical, physical and virtual spaces in Fashion, illustrating current trends and seeking to contribute to innovation in fashion business.

ISABEL CANTISTA is graduated in Law from the University of Coimbra (Portugal)and has a PhD in Management from the University of Sheffield (UK).
For more than a decade she was involved at management level with Grupo Sonae, in the areas of Human Resources and Marketing. She has been teaching in Higher Education since 1987 and she is currently an Associate Lecturer at Universidade Lusíada do Porto and Guest Lecturer at AESE Business School.
As Founder and CEO of the company FFI – Fast Forward Innovation, she seeks to promote innovation through the convergence between the academic and business world. Within this scope, since 2008 she has organised the Global Fashion Conference, which offers a multidisciplinary approach to Fashion, bringing together researchers and entrepreneurs from around the world. The conference is held bi-annually at a university with a research centre in the area of Fashion. To date, this congress has had five editions – Florence, Porto, Madrid, Ghent and Stockholm.
Isabel Cantista is frequently invited to speak at conferences on the themes of marketing and innovation. She is Coordinating Editor and Author of Fashion in a Global World (2011) and Author of Casos Europeus de Mar Marketing (2nd edition in 2014).

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Isabel Cantista

Licenciada em Direito pela Universidade de Coimbra e doutorada em Gestão pela Universidade de Sheffield (GB). Desempenhou durante mais de uma década funções na direção do Grupo Sonae, nas áreas de Recursos Humanos e Marketing. Docente do ensino superior desde 1987, é atualmente Professora Associada na Universidade Lusíada do Porto e Professora Convidada da AESE – Escola de Direção e Negócios. Fundadora e CEO da empresa FFI – Fast Forward Innovation, procura a partir da mesma promover a inovação através de uma aproximação e colaboração entre o mundo académico e o mundo empresarial. Neste âmbito, promove desde 2008 o congresso internacional GFC-Global Fashion Conference, que agrega investigadores e empresários numa perspetiva pluridisciplinar e se realiza a cada dois anos numa universidade diferente, tendo tido até ao momento quatro edições – Florença, Porto, Madrid e Ghent. Isabel Cantista é frequentemente conferencista convidada em Portugal e no estrangeiro em eventos cujos temas se prendem com marketing e inovação. É autora de Casos Europeus de Marketing (2014) e coordenadora e autora de Moda num Mundo Global (2011).

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