Equality, Welfare State & Democracy

Guilherme Machado Dray

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This book is about the way our societies are organized around the concepts of Equality, Welfare State and Democracy. The author presents the concept and evolution of the principle of equality and its importance within the Western countries. The book also explains the traditional struggle between the common good and the individual liberty. The author describes the concept of Welfare State and its different models ? the Scandinavian, the Conservative European Continental, the Anglo-Saxon, and the Mediterranean - and the public policies on pensions, employment, healthcare and education. The book also defines the European Social Model and presents the criticism and the problems of the Welfare State. At the end, the author defends the importance of the Welfare State for Freedom and Democracy. The book contains the fundamentals of the lessons lectured by the author at Georgetown University as FLAD Visiting Professor at the Government Department in the Spring Term of 2017.

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Guilherme Machado Dray

Advogado e Jurisconsulto. Doutor em Direito. Professor Auxiliar da Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa. 

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