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José Afonso

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«Before a project for any abstract space destined to music conservatory, the architectural solution could have been found in the study of regularity, symmetry, proportions, harmony, it could be at the junction of fragmented spaces whith a proper resonance appropriate to each instrument, in the collage of several ideas or, on the contrary, in this case, we are facing a concrete work what registers the synthesis of the research over several years on the subject of recycling, recuse, readjust and reduce, creating a new environment where music and architecture merge into an innate harmony. 

I can not forget the words of Professor João Paulo (Professor of the Conservatory and Pianist), the new director of CRCB school, when he met me for the first time: ""The architect José Afonso knew the prior space and now I entered in this renovated space and felt a great harmony in all environments and a rhythm where music intersects whith architecture!..."

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José Afonso

Nascido em 7 de Janeiro de 1959, em Vale de Prazeres, Concelho do Fundão, Portugal, nacionalidade portuguesa. Licenciado pela Escola Superior de Belas Artes de Lisboa, Departamento de Arquitectura.

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