A Critical History of the Valmor Prize

José Manuel Pedreirinho

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To know the Valmor Prize of Architecture and its evolution, since it was regulated in 1902, is also to understand the Architecture and the development of the city of Lisbon, whose limits of the municipality define the geographical space of the intervention of the  Prize. 

The Valmor is indeed an excellent reflection of the architecture that has been made, and of the dominant fashions in each period. The Prize has also worked as a highlight for the public's attention to the built environment, through the news related to the distinguished works and authors and through the great prestige that this prize has and maintained through the years. 

In this edition, illustrated with 150 images, the author analyzes and describes the different factors and context of the works awarded in the 116 years of existence of the Prize. 

An indispensable book to know the process of awarded architecture by the most important prize instituted by the Municipality of Lisbon, under the testamental proposal of Viscount of Valmor (1837-1898). 

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José Manuel Pedreirinho

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