The Earth Condominium - From the Climate Change to a New Juridic Conception of the Planet

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Paulo Magalhães

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The environmental crisis is, first and foremost, a problem of men and it is their responsibility to solve it.
It is urgent and indispensable to raise awareness about the deficient adaptation of human societies to the circumstances imposed by the planet, which is governed by profound and intricate natural interrelations.
The CONDOMINIUM OF THE EARTH aims to reconcile men with their planet, making it possible for autonomous sovereign states to coexist in a collective space, that is, a political power, supreme and independent, as regards the territorial fraction of each state, and shared, as far as the common parts are concerned.
P. Magalhães founds his proposal on the widely tried juridical experience of condominial property, and works on it on a scale of the Common House of humanity.

Table of Contents

I. Concealed Connections
II. What is the juridical issue?
III. The Condominium of the Earth
IV. Visitation Rights

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Paulo Magalhães

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