Schwartz's Manual of Surgery

Raphael E. Pollock, John G. Hunter, David L. Dunn, Timothy R. Billiar, Dana K. Andersen, F. Charles Brunicardi

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Detalhes do Produto

  • Editora: Mcgraw-Hill
  • Tema: Cirurgia
  • Ano: 2006
  • ISBN: 9780071105187
  • Número de páginas: 1320
  • Edição: 8ª Edição
  • Capa: Brochada


The leading concise, clinically-oriented resource in general surgery, Schwartz's Manual offers elegant and precise summaries of the widely respected Schwartz's Principles of Surgery—and more.

This Eighth Edition Manual adds an extensive array of instantly accessible enhancements to aid time-pressed surgeons:

• A focus on surgical techniques
• Differential diagnosis and staging tables
• Anesthesia guidance
• Up-to-date summaries on trauma, transplantation, congenital and acquired heart disease, oncology, wound care and healing, and more, all referenced to the parent text

Ideal for surgery clerkships and residencies, the Manual belongs in every surgeon's pocket. It's the portable source of the best information in general surgery.

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Raphael E. Pollock

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John G. Hunter

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David L. Dunn

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Timothy R. Billiar

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Dana K. Andersen

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F. Charles Brunicardi

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