Infamy: The Crimes of Ancient Rome

Jerry Toner

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Rome is an empire with a bad reputation. From its brutal games to its depraved emperors, its violent mobs to its ruthless wars, its name resounds down the centuries like a scream in an alley. But was it as bad as all that? Join the historian Jerry Toner on a detective's hunt to discover the extent of Rome's crimes.

From the sexual peccadillos of Tiberius and Nero to the chances of getting burgled if you left your apartment unguarded (pretty high, especially if the walls were thin enough to knock through) he leaves no stone unturned in his quest to bring the Eternal City to book.

Meet a gallery of villains, high and low. Discover the problems that most exercised its long-suffering citizens. Explore the temptations of excess and find out what desperation can make a pleb do. What do we see when we look at Rome? A hideous vision of ancient corruption - or a reflection of our own troubled age?

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Jerry Toner

Marcus Sidonius Falx é um patrício romano. Depois de servir com distinção nas legiões, retirou se para gerir as suas inúmeras propriedades. Quando não está a viajar pelo Império divide o seu tempo entre as suas propriedades na Campânia e na província de África e a sua luxuosa villa no monte Esquilino, com vista sobre Roma.

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