From the System of National Accounts (SNA) to a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) - Based Model. An Application to Portugal (N.º 9 da Coleção)

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Susana Santos

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From the SNA to a SAM-based Model, through an application to Portugal, systematizes a methodology for using the European System of National and Regional Accounts in the European Community of 1995 to construct numerical and algebraic versions of a Social Accounting Matrix that are in complete harmony with this. From both versions, scenarios are defined and analysed, arising from experiments that have been carried out into the (macro-)impacts of government policies regarding income distribution.
Close attention is paid to the corresponding response of the different macroeconomic aggregates, balances and indicators.
"It is to be hoped that this interesting monograph, representing painstaking and diligent research, will represent another useful stepping stone in the development of practical policy models based on the SAM approach" - from the Foreword by Jeffery Round


Foreword by Jeffery Round
Abstract (key words and JEL Classification)
1. Introduction
2. The database
3. The model
4. Macroeconomic aggregates and balances
5. The structural indicators of the distribution and use of income
6. Experiments and scenarios with the distributional impact of government policies
7. Summary and concluding remarks
A. Portuguese National Accounts for 1995 (SNA Tables)
B. Identifying the items and balances of the various internal accounts of the SNA in the aggregate SAM
C. Portuguese Pilot-National Accounting Matrix (NAM) for 1995
D. Additional data
E. Sources and methodology by (macro-)SAM blocks of sub-matrices
F. Conventions and declarations

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Susana Santos

SUSANA SANTOS was born and lives in Lisbon, Portugal. She is an Assistant Professor at the School of Economics and Management (ISEG) of the Technical University of Lisbon, where she took her PhD in Economics in 1999 and her agregação (a Portuguese post-doctoral degree) in Economics in 2008. Since 1993, she has been researching into the measurement and modelling of economic activity with Social Accounting Matrices (SAMs). The results of her research work have been made known in a variety of ways, namely through conference presentations and publication in the form of working papers and articles.

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