Gualtiero Michelini

(Torino, 1963), after his graduation in Law at the University of Turin, Italy, and after practising as a Lawyer, has been appointed Judge in Italy in 1991. He served as judge of first instance in Criminal Law in Turin (1992 – 1998), judge of first instance in Labour and Social Law in Rome (2001- 2006), and since 2012 is serving as Judge of the Court of Appeals in Rome in Labour and Social Law. He has been detached to the Italian Ministry of Justice as magistrate in the Department of International and European Affairs (1998- 2001 and 2006 -2008) and as National Expert to the European Commission (Brussels) in the Directorate –General for Justice (2008 – 2012). He is author and co-author of various publications on European Judicial Cooperation and Social Law. Member of Magistratura Democratica, he is member of the bureau of Medel since 2011 and President of Medel since 2014.

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