Savage Objects

Ed. Godofredo Pereira

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What is to be gained by arguing that objects speak? What do recent turns to the non-human and to things have in common? And what conflicts are emerging within the apparently consensual removal of the human from the centre of the problem of knowledge? The articles collected in Savage Objects provide valuable insight into the contemporary interest in objects and their resistance to the human. By framing these discussions within object-research as well as academic discourse - in fields ranging from legal forums, religious rituals, image migration, state performance, artistic practices and scientific research - speculation about objects and things becomes a discussion about conflicting ecologies of practice and thought. Ultimately, the purpose of this book in bringing together for the first time such diverse set of object- oriented researches is to allow new lines of thought to be suggested and spaces for new alliances forged.

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Ed. Godofredo Pereira

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