José Manuel Graça Dias

José Manuel Graça Dias was born on 16th of May 1947 in Margao, in former Portuguese India. He emigrated to Lisbon, Portugal, in June-September 1962, accompanied by his parents, already deceased, and two sisters who currently live in Lisbon; he travelled to Goa,now an Indian State, with his wife, in 1986, 1996 and 2009. he served in de Military in Angola from August 1970 to June 1973 and was arrested by the Political Police (PIDE/DGS) on 6th of December 1973, for actions against the living cost and the colonial war. Education: second year of Industrial Chemical Engineering at the IST, the FCL and at General Studies in Luanda, Angola, 1965/68; second year of ocial ervice at Instituto de Serviço Social Pio XII, Luanda, 1969/70:Economist (former ISE, now ISEG, 1974/78; Sociologist (ISCTE, 1982/85); Masters in Economy, Politics and Energy Planning (ISEG,1985/91): Post-graduate in European Studies at FDL, 1990/94; Doctorate Course in Sociology begun in September 2010 at ISCTE, having concluded the scholarly section and will present the thesis in 2015, under the guidance of Professor Luisa Veloso from CIES/ISCTE.Published work: Estudo sobre as perdas de água em quantidades (Mc+ebicos), nas áreas dos Serviços Municipalizados de Oeiras, em 1982, (Study regarding the Waste of Water in the municipal services at Oeiras)1983, mimeographed version; Statistical data of the pulp and paper industry and others sectors related, Eucepa, Florence, 1986; Contribuições para o Estudo das Relações entre União Económica e Monetária e a Racionalização do Desenvolvimento Industrial, AAFD, 1994; co-authorship of two Portuguese-Emglish Economy and Management Dictionaries, author's edition, 1995/96; co-authorship of the work "Voz do Operàrio" na alvorada do século XX, Ed. Imprensa Municipal, 2009. Currently retired as an economist from the maritime-harbour sector since 1st of May 2011.

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