An International Tribunal for the Internet

Daniel Freire e Almeida

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Dr. Daniel Freire e Almeida, with this work (his doctoral dissertation in Law from the University of Coimbra), addressed Internet Law the best way: proposing the creation of an international tribunal to judge disputes arising in the internet.

Following creatively in the wake of great changes of Law that were operated, largely, by the courts and by professors.

Thus, the Roman Civil Law was the work of jurists, judges, and lawyers; the receipt of the Roman civil Law in medieval Europe began with the work of teachers and magistrates; Family Law, from the beginning of the second millennium, was due to the monopoly of the Catholic Church jurisdiction, whose courts turned ethical principles in rules; Administrative Law owes much to the Conseil d'État in the Nineteenth Century; etc. Finally, I remember that the European Law (the EC/European Union) is largely the work of the Tribunal.

The author has not proposed a regulatory system - although its rules are constantly unaware; he did not list the rights of the person - although a person is a constant presence: he proposed a flexible and adherent process to reality, the intervention of a court in the legal life of the Internet.

Therefore, it will be established a permanent dialogue between the legal framework and communication at the speed of light. Thus, it will be possible to address Justice in virtual space in a more effective way. And, as the tribunal will be international, globalization is assumed.

This study will continue in the ethical and legal debate for as long as Internet will exist.
I wish that this work and its Author continue to have the greatest success.

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Daniel Freire e Almeida

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